THE BEST: A Life Manifesto

"a practical guide to making life count" By: GP Hintz

Listening to Yourself… Imperative to Success

If you’ve been reading THE BEST, then you know that one of the major principles throughout it is life transformation. In the 11th chapter we give some keys to listening that can help you find success in every area of your life. 

On page 178 we start looking at some subjects that link directly to the importance of listening to yourself. There are five main keys to learning how to listen to one’s self…

We Need to Learn How to Listen to Ourselves

Key 1: Schedule it! If you are not planning for something to happen, it normally doesn’t. Allow yourself to think ahead about your day and schedule some time to listen to yourself.

Key 2: Start Small. You don’t need to start with a week long retreat in the Himalayan Mountains to listen to yourself. Try five or ten minutes a day. You will find that this small success will lead to a greater desire for more and more time spent listening to your heart.

Key 3: Start Early or Late. Are you a night owl or an early riser? Use this to your advantage. Try to understand your ‘peak times’ throughout the day and schedule some time to listen to yourself during that time period.

Key 4: Enter into your time with a question. Many of us have questions about our self, our jobs, our relationships or any number of things that affect us on a daily basis. Enter into your listening time with a question at the forefront of your mind. You just may be surprised at what you hear.

Key 5: Listen with a Pencil, Pen or a Keyboard. When you have an expectation to hear, then you will often find the answers coming quickly and clearly. When we are prepared… we will hear. When the student is ready… the teacher will arrive.

This is just a quick synopsis of the importance of listening to one’s self. To learn more, make sure that you read chapter 11 from “THE BEST: a life manifesto”. 

To order your hard copy of THE BEST from Amazon, click here.

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For the interactive website that works together with the book, check out 


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A Message from the Author – “My Philosophy on Life” (video)

Every now and then you stumble upon something that makes you want to stand up on your chair and scream at the top of your lungs…


Well, today I had that moment. Some of you know that I have a slogan that I try to live by. It is etched on the grave of my mom and stamped on the soul of my heart. It says…

“Live life to the fullest.”

This pursuit causes me to do things that don’t make sense. It causes me to go against the grain. It causes eyebrows to rise or people to say it can’t be done… but I hold on to the reality that I can do it and it can be done. This desire has taken me from the slums of Rio de Janeiro to the top of the Eiffel tower. It has driven me to write books and teach kids. It is what makes me breathe and a message that I try to share and inspire others.

I stumbled across this video today and it shows me that I’m not the only one. It shows me that there is something stirring in the hearts of people all over. And there are some with the courage to live it out. Today, be that one with the courage to live it out! Enjoy…

Make this week THE BEST ever!

GP Hintz

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The Website Just Makes the Book So Much Better!

Until you dig deep into the pages of THE BEST, you may not know that there is a fully functional website that is packed with information and links to great resources to help you create THE BEST life ever. Even if you haven’t read the book yet, there is a ton of information to look through on the website. Here, check it out –> 

You can find links to answer questions like, “How much should I listen to when I work out?” to “What’s a good book to read to help me become better?” In addition to great information, you can communicate directly to the author. He boasts that he “reads every email and responds to his fans on a regular basis”. This is unheard of in this day and age. 

So, take a moment and check out the site. You may just be pleasantly surprised… This isn’t your lame “book webpage”. 

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Author of “THE BEST” launches Blog!

Hey Guys!

I just opened up a brand new blog and I would love to have you guys check it out. We take the core discussion from THE BEST and expand it out into many different areas. You will be able to follow my journey as THE BEST’s influence grows and reaches more and more people. If it wasn’t for so many of you supporting us, we wouldn’t be able to do what we are doing and I would be honored to share these experiences with you.

Check out my Blog here: GP Hintz

Check out my personal Twitter feed here: GpHintz Twitter Feed

And of course… I’d love to be friends on FaceBook: GpHintz’s FB Page

Also, please let me know about your content. I would love to stay in touch and here about the awesome things that are taking place in your life!

As always, keep shining! Your light is bright and there are many who need your rays!

Much Love,


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“THE BEST: a life manifesto”

Buy Today at the CreateSpace storefront or on Amazon

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“THE BEST” is moving off the Shelves!

We are so happy to announce that the first copies of “THE BEST: a life manifesto” have been sold and the book made its debut on Amazon on Black Friday! From Twitter to Facebook, people are discovering this book and beginning the journey that will change their life forever as they begin to write their personal LIFE MANIFESTO!

If you want to join the movement and take a greater ownership in the future that you are creating, then wait no longer! You can buy THE BEST today at it’s…

Online Book Store at Createspace


It doesn’t matter where you get it. What matters is what you do with it when you get. Grab a pencil and a quiet spot and get busy writing the words that will be paving the road of your destiny!


p.s. Don’t forget to check out the interactive website that works in conjunction with “THE BEST”. 

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“THE BEST: a life manifesto” is Officially Launched!

Well, yesterday was the big day… After two years in production, “THE BEST: a life manifesto” is now available. This has been an incredible journey for me personally as I have discovered all of the wonderful facets behind publishing a book. This road has led me to incredible insight and some amazing people that I would have never had the opportunity to meet if it wasn’t for the book. I am honored and humbled that this day has finally arrived. 

The book will hit Amazon in a couple days, but is available today at the online store. I’d encourage you to stop by and grab a copy for yourself or as a Christmas gift for someone that you know and love. It has the potential to bring about an amazing life change as the reader walks through the different steps in the books’ 13 chapters.

And this is not simply one book either. It is specifically written as two books in one cover. There is a full workbook that is included in this book as you begin to apply the lessons that you are learning to your own life. There were many who thought that we should launch TWO books and have people purchase each, but I was committed to get EVERYTHING that you needed into your hands quickly so that you could immediately begin to practice the principles that you are learning in “THE BEST”. We were able to include both of these together and whittle the price all the way down to $12.99 for a book that is over 200 pages long and filled to capacity with life changing information. Needless to say, we are so pleased with the final product. 

In addition to the book, you get the book’s website that works in conjunction with the book at This website is another tool to be used with the book to bring about true, lasting change in your life. It is sleek and filled to the brim with things that are available and ready to be used by you. 

So, what are you waiting for? True and lasting life change is here and ready to be achieved. Everything you need is at your fingertips. Now simply take that first step and begin the journey toward “THE BEST” life ever!

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“THE BEST” is moving right along!

We are moving forward toward the release of THE BEST in the next couple weeks. Things are moving really fast now. In the last week, we have finalized the text side through our copy editor Neil Fein. He did a great job and has been a wealth of information and support. We are nearly done with the cover. This should be finished this week. Also, the ISBN is done and awaiting to be tattooed on the books coming from the publisher.

Last details are simple… Finalization of cover… Wrestle with the Library of Congress… Put the final 10% into the website… and then begin getting the word out!

Keep shining guys!


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The Countdown Begins!

For the last two years I, GP Hintz,  have been working on a book that is designed to change a person’s life. Now, we are coming close to launch date. The cover is almost finished, the copy editor is putting his final touches together this month and by November, 2011 it will be published and available for purchase. Before you know it… it will be available for you. Stay tuned!

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